Number of lamps in installation    
Lamp Type   50w Halogen SAL LED
Cost per lamp  
Total lamp cost  
Lamp Wattage  
Circuit consumption including driver (W) Driver assumed 80% efficient  
Days per year
Hours per day
Hours per year  
Total KWh consumed per year  
CO2 emissions per year (Kg /year)  
Total energy cost per year per Kw
LED Energy saving per year    
Payback time in years    

Energy price increase per year over 5 year period
Energy cost over 5 years  
Number of lamp replacements  
Cost of lamps (including initial purchase)  
Cost of contractor to replace lamps
Cost of running for 5 years per lamp  
CO2 saving by using SAL LED over 5 year period (Kg)    
Cost saving by using SAL LED over 5 year period    
These figures are based on using the Sunny Sal L.E.D products. Variations may occur between brands or types of lighting used.